How the foundation works


Read the information on this page carefully, it will give you an understanding of the foundation policy, how to make donations and where the raised money will go.


The foundation supports injured people who need prosthetics, as well as rehabilitation centers, hospitals, companies producing prostheses, etc. 

Charitable assistance received by the foundation is irreversible. It is directed to individual specific projects, and can be redirected if the project is completed before the necessary funds have been collected. For example, the prosthetics of the wounded man were provided at the expense of other revenues. In this case, the funds collected for the prosthetics of this wounded person are transferred to another wounded person, and a detailed report is provided on the foundation’s website. Benefactors may contribute if they agree to this policy

See below for more details about each direction:



How to donate


There are several options to make a donation:

  1. You can support the activities of the fund without indicating which project you are directing your donation to. Click the “Donate” button on the main page and you will be redirected to the details page. Choose a payment method convenient for you and specify “donation” in the purpose of payment.


  1. You can make a donation for the prosthetics of one of amputee, a photo and a short story are posted on the main page. Go to “View details”, read the information, scroll below, click “Donate” and use the payment method convenient for you. 


  1. If you want to donate for reconstruction or the purchase of equipment for one of the rehabilitation centers, find this medical institution on the main page and make your donation with one of the possible ways.


Support of the amputee


We post information about each of the soldiers who need prosthetics on the main page of our foundation. In the first announcement, we name the estimated amount of funds that will be needed for prosthetics. The list of soldiers will be constantly updated and supplemented.


Prosthetics itself consists of several stages, and preliminary prosthetics takes place quite quickly after the amputation wound has healed and the stump is ready for prosthetics. At this stage, there are almost always enough funds provided by the state of Ukraine. At this stage, prostheses are installed that simply imitate the limb, in fact, they are dummies that do not have any functionality. For several months, sometimes up to a year, a person uses such a prosthesis and during this period the stump acquires its final shape and size. The next step is to install a prosthesis for permanent use.


The cost of prostheses for permanent use is very dependent primarily on what type of amputation we are dealing with. Prosthetics in the case of “low” amputation, when the elbow or knee joint is saved, is relatively inexpensive, especially for the lower limbs.


Prosthetics for a “high” amputation, when the elbow or knee joint is lost, is an extremely difficult task if we plan to return at least part of the functions of a normal limb to a person.


The cost of prosthetics for complex (“high”) or multiple amputations usually ranges from two to four million hryvnias for one person. It is not so easy to raise such an amount of money quickly, so we announce the fundrasing in advance. The cost estimate will be informed before prosthetics and a report on the use of funds will be provided after this process is completed.


If the person for whom the funds are raised receives help from other source earlier, the raised funds at that moment will be redirected to support another injured person. This will also be reported on the website and in the fund’s reporting.


Support of rehabilitation centers, hospitals, companies producing prostheses.


As a result of the invasion of the Russian army, and as a result of the barbaric nature of military operations, when all conceivable and inconceivable laws and customs of war are violated, we have hundreds of thousands of dead soldiers and civilians, tens of thousands of wounded. Such an explosive growth in the number of people in need of immediate help presents a problem that is not so easy to solve. We will try to help where we can.


Rehabilitation centers and hospitals need rapid modernization in order to accommodate larger number of wounded and to improve the quality of services for providing modern rehabilitation. On the website of the foundation, we have placed two projects where we are trying to contribute to the solution of important problems. The first one is the support of the State Rehabilitation Institution “Center for Complex Rehabilitation “Halychyna””. The second one is the Kyiv City Clinical Hospital for War Veterans. Information about both projects is available on the main page.