It is already the second year a full-scale war has been going on in Ukraine. The army of the Russian Federation had a huge superiority in artillery from the very beginning, and our enemy always tried to use this advantage. Massive shelling of advanced positions of Armed Forces of Ukraine and barbarous shelling of peaceful cities led to a large number of killed and woundedpeople.

A particular problem are combatants and civilians who have been severely injured resulting in limb amputations. Now the number of soldiers with such injuries is 710 thousand people, and probably more. In addition, the number of soldiers with such severe injuries is growing faster than prostheses can be made for them.

The “Support War Veterans” Foundation has been created to support financially those wounded who need rehabilitation and prosthetics, to help hospitals, rehabilitation centers and enterprises manufacturing prostheses.



A few words about our directions:

The “Support War Veterans” Foundation actively cooperates with the state non-commercial enterprise “Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation “Halychyna, whichhas twenty years of experience in providing comprehensive rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities of all nosologies. Read more about it on the main page, go to the project Rehabilitation center “Halychyna.



The “Support War Veterans” Foundation appeals to everyone who cares to help raise funds for the prosthetics of individual soldiers. We presented some of them on the main page. Read their stories and donate. Their quantity is much larger, 240 wounded are being rehabilitated in Halychyna. In general, there are thousands of them across the country, not including civilians.

And don’t be surprised by the amounts of money we announce for the prosthetics. Hand prosthesis, if it is not a dummy, that ensures at least part of the functionality of a normal limb, is extremely expensive.


TheSupport War VeteransFoundation established a trilateral contact with Institut Desvern in Barcelona and “Rehabilitation center “Halychyna“. You can find details on the main page, the project “Rehabilitation center “Halychyna“.

Our efforts would not be successful without the support of benefactors. We appeal to all citizens and organizations that can provide financial support to transfer the amount of funds that you find reasonable and possible to help Ukraine return to a normal life the people who, without any doubt, deserve it.

Best regards,

The Support War VeteransFoundation